Sharing is Caring

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

When preparing treats for a day like this, do you ever end up with too much food? Like say, a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes 3 dozen cookies. You know there will be other desserts at the party, so you won't need to bring all 36. And what good will it do you and your better half ;) to have those chocolatey morsels staring you down every time you walk into the kitchen?! Temptation at it's finest!

When testing recipes, making treats for the holidays, etc, my neighbors and loved ones will always benefit. But what about some of the other people around you that make your life easier- like say, your cleaning lady? Sure, she may get a tip around the holidays, but does she ever get something that you made with your own two hands?

Our cleaning lady, Norma, is actually coming today! She's giving up her Super Bowl Sunday to come work! The roads were so bad this past week that she had to reschedule twice. I thought there's no way she'll want to come on Sunday, but to my surprise, she insisted.

So our chocolate chip cookies are going to Norma today with a little Valentine's Day wish and note of thanks for the great work she does. Who knows, maybe those little cookies will bring smiles to her children's faces, or maybe she'll share them with her sweetheart.

(The additional upside, they'll be staring down someone else!) ;)

PS They were made with Stevia, Organic unbleached flour, dark chocolate, organic free-range eggs and good butter, so I feel great about her and her family enjoying them.

Much love to you and yours today- And GOOO Pack GOOO!!!
Lindsey Lou