Lindsey Crouch was born in “The Land of Enchantment”, Albuquerque, NM. Growing up surrounded by the bold, New Mexican flavors and spices had a significant formative impact upon her, but it wasn’t until later in her life that she integrated the natural flavors and seasonings to form her own cooking style. After her beautiful mother, Beverly died of Cancer when Lindsey was 3 years old, her father Tom reared her and her older brother alone in a typical male dominated household of frozen dinners and game day food.

Her early aptitude in athletics, ultimately culminated in Lindsey becoming a level 9 gymnast by the age of 13, which, in laymen’s terms, means the ability to do a back layout on the balance beam! Her constant training allowed her to develop and maintain an athletic figure, but upon entering college, she soon learned that eating healthier food would become a necessity.

“When I entered college, my idea of eating healthy was buying 'low fat’ tortillas, whole wheat bread and diet coke! I always wondered why I wasn’t able to get my athletic figure back. I would crash diet and even starve myself in order to look the way I wanted. It rarely worked for more than a few days, and I felt terrible on the inside.”

Upon graduating from college, Lindsey packed up her bags and her 10 pound terrier, Caiden, for the Big Apple, home to some of the world’s most famous restaurants.

“Part of my sales job included entertaining clients with lavish dinners in the hippest restaurants in New York. I learned to appreciate diverse cuisine and cultivated a more discerning palate.”

It wasn’t until she became engaged to health and wellness expert Daniel Crouch, and moved to Dallas that she would turn the corner and learn how to integrate the delicious foods she had come to know and love living in NYC with healthy foods that would satisfy a fitness coach.

“When I first moved to Dallas, Daniel was a fitness model and personal trainer, so in order to stay lean, he maintained a strict diet of tuna fish, eggs and raw vegetables. I knew that I needed more variety than his simple high protein, low carb nutrition plan offered. It was effective and I lost lots of weight, but it was boring! So I got to work creating a food philosophy that would unite our two worlds.”

Upon marrying Daniel and relocating to Dallas Lindsey now had the opportunity to pursue her life long passion for great food, bold flavors and healthy living by feeding her clients and loved ones delicious yet nutritious meals. She attended the Culinary Business Academy where she learned the skills necessary to run a personal chef and catering business and has been feeding busy business execs, multi-tasking mothers and their families, as well young professionals that lack the time and/or interest to prepare healthy meals on their own.

“New Mexican cuisine has a style all it’s own, I am thankful for growing up in an environment that promotes natural flavors, spices and vegetables in the majority of it’s dishes. It helped me to form an appreciation for the healing qualities of food in it’s most basic and untouched state; add to that the diversity and high quality cuisine of NYC and my passion to feed people was formed!”

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