Tex-New Mex

Tex-Mex...I love the term, because I think I could use it to describe myself! I've lived in Texas now for seven years (with an almost-four-year-break while living out my wildest dreams in NYC between earning a degree and getting engaged!). And before I found my way to Texas for the first time to attend college at Texas Tech, I was reared in the beautiful and enchanting mountains of New Mexico. I'm married to native Texan from Austin, so together we're Tex-New Mex!

I had a great time planning and preparing this week's Friday catering menu. With aromas like cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice and lime zest filling the kitchen air, my senses started to go wild! Blending these great ingredients with roasted tomatillos, roasted sweet onions, Hatch green chiles and garlic cloves, I knew I was in the making of something special! Delicious homemade tomatillo sauce that goes great with just about everything!

With tons of red, yellow and green veggies over-flowing out of great big glass bowls...no one could call this Tex-Mex spread anything but fresh and healthy!

Here's my menu that I'll be serving today! Can't wait to share some of these great recipes with you next week!

Other Tex-Mex-ish things that I love...

And some of my favorite Tex-New Mex memories...

At a friend's ranch in Galisteo, NM

All the girls in their boots outside the Cathedral headed to our Rehearsal Dinner at Cowgirl in Santa Fe

Blessed Kateri in my favorite stones, turquoise, outside the Cathedral where we were married

One of my favorite days ever with my husband was during this engagement photo session on a big Texas style ranch a couple hours outside Dallas

Some pre-wedding photos in the Santa Fe dessert with our very generous photographer!

Good day, amigos! xo