Keeping Tight through Turkey Day - Starting with a Tight Tush

Today we launched a new "Get Healthy Texas" Series..."Keeping Tight through Turkey Day" and invited viewers to stop what they were doing and join us for three minutes while we do some exercises for the buns! We invite you to do the same! Just grab a pillow from the bed, couch or your office chair :) for your knee, and let's get our bodies movin' and muscles tight!!!

We all know that starting a new diet during the holidays is bad idea... so that's why we're starting this series now, to get some great habits ingrained in your daily routine!

You need a small pillow and a chair/couch/short ledge of some sort to hold onto for the second exercise.

Watch here:

Join us each Thursday as we show you a new exercise or recipe to help you keep tight through Turkey Day!!!
Lindsey & Daniel