It's Time to Scratch Grandma's Back

Remember all those times in your childhood when your sweet grandmother scratched, tickled and rubbed your back? She may continue to do it today as an innate gesture of her love and compassion for you. Maybe you even have children now, and she's been scratching your family's back for generations.

Now friends, let's return the favor! Many of us no longer live in the same cities as our dear old Mother Goose (that's my Gram's nickname), so the blessing of being able to wrap our arms around her, never the less giving her a back rub, is somewhat difficult to do with our own two hands as frequently as we'd like.

So here's an idea on how you can bless your gracious grandma- call a massage therapist in her city and arrange for an at home massage! You'll want a therapist that travels with her massage table or chair, fresh linens, creams, etc. Since it's sorta hard for our lovely gmas to get out and about these days, they will so appreciate the relaxing massage coming right to them! Just google it up. It may take a few calls to find the perfect one, but it will be well worth the few minutes it takes to set up. Most of the time Grandma will be able to pay for the massage on her own, she just doesn't have the internet and the searching capabilities you do. But if you'd like to take care of the first or all of Grandma's massages, just let the therapist know that you'll be the one receiving the bill.

Just imagine how great your dear grandma will feel!

With love,
Lindsey Lou