Memoirs for Man's Best Friend

Last week a dear friend, Christine, called with very sad news that her 13 year old lab, Tyson, passed away. Our dear friend is no longer married, so coming home to Tyson was like coming home to her hubby. Always happily awaiting her arrival and wanting to be with her at all times, he went everywhere with her in his younger years. Trip to the market- Tyson wanted to go! Daunting tasks like picking up dry cleaning- you bet ya, Tyson was there. But now that Tyson's no longer there, or able to keep her warm at night with his big labrador body snuggled next to hers, it had me thinking, what can I do to make her feel a little better?

The following day after talking with Christine, I popped on over to Choca Loca Designs to pick up a special keepsake box she was making for me (more on that later). While there, Darleen, the creative genius behind Choca Loca Designs, and I were talking about how her dog had gotten out the night before. So scary!! But, don't worry, at 2 am he came back howling to get into the backyard- phew!

As we were speaking of dogs, I mentioned to Darleen that our mutual friend, Christine, had lost her darling Tyson. Darleen says, "Hold on a second," as she exits the room. She quickly comes back with a precious doggy scrapbook to give to Christine. (She had given me one for Caiden months prior when I brought him with me to pick up some keepsakes she made for our wedding pictures, extra invitations, reply cards, notes from family & friends, etc. I'll post some pics of the incredible work she did on those, too!) So I was already in love with the idea of these special doggy memory books since I had been looking at Caiden's for awhile. And now Christine would have one to jot down all of her favorite memories of Tyson and have one central place for her favorite photos of him!

I got Christine (and her adorable grandson, Benson) to come over that night. She and Benson sat down for a very entertaining dinner... you know 20 month year olds and swiveling bar stools!, but first, I handed her Tyson's memory book with a little note. She loved it.

The amazing thing about these books is that they're not just for pictures... Like a scrap book, you can put just about anything in these puppies! ;) Lockets of your dog's sweet little hair cut...come on, you know you ADORE your dog!, notes about silly things he or she does or what you did to celebrate their birthdays. Maybe include some factoids like the type of food your pup is eating- or not eating- last visit to the vet. etc. And you'll definitely want to include lots of your favorite snapshots of your child-like pup.

Like your baby gets it's own scrap books and photo albums, I love that your favorite four-legged friends can too!!

The last great thing about these...the bargain...$5!!! I think I'll be ordering in bulk for all of my friends! 

This one is the book she gave Caiden. Note the bone paper clips! Tyson's book is brown and green and has a bone on the cover. 

Attention to detail. Adorable inside cover. 

Blank pages inside to fill with whatever your heart desires. 

And it all comes together perfectly with the back cover and paw print ribbon. 

Just a little idea to care for one of God's greatest gifts, a dear friend, who's going through a very tough time. 

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."
John 3:16

Everyday do something for someone else, and see how blessed you will be! 

Lindsey Lou