No Food for 6 Hours

No food for 6 hours. This is what they tell you before having your wisdom teeth extracted, like I'm having done today. My nurse said I could have an 'IHOP breakfast,' just as long as it was at least 6 hours before 'go time.' I should have taken her advice seriously and gone for some protein pancakes, because my morning orange slices are long gone by now... and I'm hungryyy! But for the sake of keeping it all down in the surgeon's chair, I'm ignoring my tummy's wishes and looking out for everyone! :)

Yesterday my dear friend, Blair, did the nicest thing to help me get ready to be out of the kitchen for a couple days. Yesterday was a busy work day...I was cooking 20 meals for a client, and half way through, Blair called saying that she was going to cook dinner for Dan and I so I wouldn't have to worry about it!

She packed our dinner so nicely in a little cooler with ice packs and even included 70% dark mexican drinking chocolate for me to add to some milk or protein shake during recovery time!! SO thoughtful! (Does that count toward the sweets I gave up for lent?!)

She made us this most delicious meal!
Chicken Bolognese

With Mushroom & Asparagus Saute with Sunburst Tomatoes. It was deeee-lish!!

Since I didn't have our dinner to cook, I was able to carry on cooking for the hubby- loading the fridge with a new casserole, grilled chicken breasts and sauteed veggies for him to graze on while I'm a bit out of commission for the next couple days.

Ahhhh, the house is clean, the laundry's done, the body pillow is in place for me to snuggle, chick flicks are ready to be watched, books I've been waiting for the time to finish are waiting for me, the fridge is full, my hair is washed and legs are shaved! I think I'm finally ready to go under...but just for an hour please...then home to rest up for, what I'm determined to make, an enjoyable couple days of down time!

I just know it's going to go well!

I'm planning on still doing my catering gig and cooking for another client on Friday, so please pray for my speedy recovery!

Do you have any fun 'going under' stories or wisdom teeth stories to share? What was your experience like?

With love,