CBS11 Morning Show Fitness Segment: Sculpted Calves

Calf exercises are great and easy to do anytime, anywhere!!! I typically like to do my calf raises while brushing my teeth, washing dishes or with Daniel Crouch sitting on my lap, like we demonstrated today! I love working out with Daniel and all of the fun things that includes!

Today's show was extra special, as we were featured in the "Get Healthy Texas" category - and I got to hop around on one leg like the girl in "Coming to America" (at least I didn't have to make noises)! ;))) Hey, you win some, you lose some :) But at the end of the morning, the message is clear, time spent on your toes will build you beautiful, but importantly, strong calves and lower legs!

Watch the Calf Exercises Video here and add them to your workout routine!!!

To Health & Longevity!