CBS11 Morning Show Fitness Segment: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Daniel, me, Anchor & Friend, Lisa Pineiro and Traffic Guru & Friend, Teresa Frosini

We all know that eating healthy has a huge impact on our overall health. It affects the way we feel, look, how much energy we have and how healthy we are not only now, but long term, too!

A recent study said that a healthy diet can be too expensive. So the CBS11 Morning Show team put us to the test to see if we could deliver a full day's worth of meals for under $20. We did it for $16, and only 1,100 calories!!! (Let's be honest, sometimes one lunch or dinner out will cost you $16 plus!)

When you eat quality over quantity you consume less calories and fat and ingest greater nutrient dense foods that provide your body with the good supply of nutrients it needs to build and function!!!

Here's our healthy eating segment!